Professional Background

  • Occupation: Graphic Designer, Small Business Owner
  • Occupational Background: Chef, Pastry Chef, Retail Management, Lab Assistant, Forestry Technician, Bookkeeper

Education Background

  • Renewable Natural Resources, University of Connecticut, B.S. summa cum laude
  • Forest Ecology, Oregon State University, Master’s Program
  • Graphic Design, Lane Community College, AAS

Special Interests and Concerns

  • Government Transparency & Accountability, Communication with the Public
  • Civil Rights
  • Homelessness, Shelter First, Low Income Housing, Tenants’ Rights
  • Local Business & Housing Development, Living Wage Jobs
  • Climate Remediation, Sustainability, Parks & Green Spaces
  • Education, Arts, Historic Preservation

Eugene City Councilor, Ward 1

Email Councilor Semple:
E-mail sent to an elected official becomes a public record that may be subject to inspection and copying by the public.

Term: January 2017-January 2021

Current Council Assignments

  • Budget Committee
  • Human Rights Commission
  • McKenzie Watershed Council

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